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Dear reader,


I'm Ryan, the owner of Ryan Traynham Hardscapes. I began my business in the outdoor living industry back in May of 1996. My love for all things outdoors began early in life, and my childhood dream was to create employment for myself through some means that would allow me to work outside. My career path was solidified during my high school years through a very influential agriculture teacher who I had the great fortune of following for four years. Through his teachings and inspiration, I was able to begin cultivating my thoughts and ideas into a plan to start a business.


I began as most do, installing and maintaining small residential landscapes, which evolved to include large residential and commercial design/build projects. It was there in the large residential design/build market I found my niche, designing and building outdoor living spaces. What I enjoy most about my work is the one on one element with my clients throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting and the design process, throughout the build and delivering an excellent final product to each and every client at the end. It is very gratifying me personally, to experience the project in its entirety, from the planning process to laying the final pieces in place on site. I'd have to say the most rewarding aspect of my work, and why I continue to enjoy the same youthful enthusiasm about it as I did in the early days, is that I still love it. I get to do what I was fashioned to do, and I'm most in my element when I'm working the job site and finding new ways to be creative.


My goal with every single project is to design and build something unique and special for each client - something that fits their lifestyle, and satisfies their needs and wants in an outdoor space, and build it with a level of craftsmanship and excellence that only comes from the accumulation of years building projects in virtually every sector of the industry.


On a personal level, I am a husband, father of 3, grandfather of 4, and really enjoy time with my family. I'm an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, and have been all of my life. The traditions of the outdoors are a vital part of my personal life, and some of my best memories are from sharing those traditions with the ones I love.


In conclusion, my team consists of myself and a staff of highly skilled veterans of the industry. We pride ourselves on top shelf craftsmanship and delivering excellence in every project we build. We only build one project at a time, which gives us the opportunity to maintain the focus on excellence in our work. I believe these are the things that make us the right choice to build your next project.


Thank you,

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